Who We Are

We are a startup founded by three ambitious students.

Our mission is to transform as many industries to self-service to make them a better experience for everybody.
Our vision is to make self-service available everywhere.
We are currently piloting our service at LUT university campus in Lappeenranta and working hard to get it into more stores.

Hello, I’m Oskari Hervonen

Chief Executive Officer
“mastermind behind the idea”

One morning, on his way to work, Oskari decided to counter his drowsiness with an energy drink. As he approached the store, he took a shortcut for the shelves stocked with energy drinks. He then headed towards the cashiers, only to find long lines at both manned and self-checkout counters.

Faced with the inescapable delay, Oskari found himself thinking about the age-old system of paying at stores. Why, he wondered, could he not just scan his purchase with his phone and bypass the queue? The seed of an idea began to grow in his mind. That was the moment the idea for PikaPay was born.

Oskari wasted no time. When he started studying, he joined an entrepreneurial society, eager to find collaborators for his venture. Luck favored him, and he found two equally passionate partners, keen to bring PikaPay to life.

Hey, I’m Juuso Käyhkö

Chief Operational Officer
“product genius”

Ever since Juuso was a curious child, he has had an innate talent for building and creating. He possesses a passion for transforming mere ideas into something amazing. Designing, prototyping and constructing have been his primary sources of excitement for as long as he can remember.

When he started studying in Lappeenranta in autumn 2022, Juuso wasted no time immersing himself in the entrepreneurship society of LUTES. It was during his involvement in the startup accelerator program called Forward that he crossed paths with Oskari and Teemu, two individuals who had a similar vision and drive for startups.

After engaging in numerous persuasive conversations, Juuso made the momentous decision to join Oskari and Teemu, recognizing the potential their collaboration held.

Sup, I’m Teemu Ketonen

Chief Technical Officer
“tech wiz”

Teemu has always been interested in technology. He has been learning to code since he was 15 years old. His innate passion for software has driven his skills to be somewhat of a master.

Initially, he participated in Forward startup accelerator for unnamed reasons, but quickly became intrigued by the idea of founding his own startup. After hearing Oskari’s idea, he saw the potential and as something that he would use himself.

So, he took a dive into the startup world and decided to be a part of PikaPay. He has a passion for driving the company further in its efforts in becoming a big player in independent paying services!

Meet the rest of our awesome team

Jere Parviainen

“captain of sales”

Lauri Kesonen
Head of Sales

“sales trailblazer”

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